Quality of essential, more than a motto, our first commitment!

From the outset and aware of the regulatory and sanitary constraints in the animal nutrition area, MG2Mix has sought to guarantee quality and safety of its products. Pioneer in ISO 9000 standards application for animal nutrition, its quality system has been continuously making progress. It is now based on FAMI-QS and Oqualim.

To guarantee the quality of our products, we control it!

  • Traceability is digitized from entry to exit for better information management
  • The results accuracy is guaranted through controls and calibrations of measuring instruments
  • Performance validation process of tools according to official protocols (homogeneity and inter-batch transfert)
  • We meet your needs through the application of your qualitative and regulatory requirements to ensure product safety
  • Comprehensive control ensures input monitoring and preventive control plan for unwanted substances
  • A monthly control plan in accredited independent laboratories validates the presence and stability of the additives in our finished products

Quality & certifications

2013: OQUALIM - Good practice guide

2007: FAMI QS - HACCP professional code of practice

2003: ISO 9001 Certification

1996: ISO 9002 - One of the first premix unit certificated in France


Our quality partners

FAMI-Q.S is the Quality and Security system for Speciality and feed ingredients. The industrial representatives worked together to design the FAMI-Q.S, the first code in the feed sector.

Qualimat is an association of feed manufacturers, to control and secure raw material used, at differents steps (transport, sanitary and chimical quality).


OQUALIM, innovative approach serving the feed companies and farm sector, guarantees the best hygiene and traceability practices in the feed manufactures and organizes control plans to prevent health risks.