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MG2MIX history

In 1989, Maurice Gétain and Gérard Maignan, both animal nutrition technicians, decide to create an independent company, placing emphasis on the quality of work and human relationships. The initials of these two founders are behind the name of MG2MIX.


Maurice Getain

Gérard Maignan


At the end of 2015, Maurice Gétain and Gérard Maignan passed MG2MIX along to six senior executives of the company, including two of their children: Nathalie, Olivier, Vincent, Denis, Mickaël and Nicolas. The new management team takes responsibility for the company in keeping with the values introduced by the two founders. Since this date, the MG2MIX development has been continuing, with each year new countries served and new projects in progress. A new production tower will be launched in 2018 to keep going on this dynamic.


Values & Skills : MG2MIX difference

Our approach articulates around 5 key values

Attentive: simple and reactive
Reliable: leader on quality and premix stability
Free: independant
Technical performances key-player
Research: passionate, curious and innovative

MG2MIX history...

MG2MIX Creation

Maurice Gétain and Gérard Maignan


Production unit

Automated production, 2 production operators, 250 T of premix/month


Quality Certification

ISO 9002 Certification



Creation of a poultry experimental tool



Begining of the international business



FAMI-QS and GMP certification, 830 T of premix/month


Factory development

Development of a bulk loading station, a bagging machine and a robotic palletization system

2009 2012


3 new experimental tools : duck, ruminant and swine

2012 2015

Company transmission

Transmission to six senior executives of the company in keeping with the values introduced by the two founders


Doubled production capacity

Construction of a second manufacturing tower, offices and storage area expansion

Key figures :
32 000 T of premix/year (4.4 MT/year, in animal feed equivalent)
Turnover : 45.5 million euros
40% of the activity on national territory
52 employees including 27 scientifics
8 zootechnical research farms

An international influence

MG2MIX is known internationally, with a commercial and technical presence, in more than 50 countries. These export activities represent 60% of the annual turnover due to a real expert process. If you want to become a distributor in your country:

Production tool

Discover our industrial site

Located in Châteaubourg (35, France), FAMI-QS and GMP certified.

Preparation alimentaire animaux

Common features of the production unit

  • The risk points are controlled through the complete IT management of the process and the training of the operators
  • The identification of inputs through the use of barcodes ensures the reliability of incorporations
  • The ascending and descending traceability is completely informatic, allowing to quickly answer the requests of the authorities or the customers
  • The computer control of malfunctions of the manufacturing unit guarantees the quality



Full control of the homogeneity and integrity of manufactured mixes

  • A unit designed and qualified for mixing additives
  • All the implanted material aims to guarantee the mix homogeneity and the limitation of the inter-batch transfer
  • A computer control of batch dosing and tracking in the circuit is rigorously performed